Transform the industry by writing about how you imagine the ideal buying or selling experience.

Based on statistics, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. This is a statistic from American express survey done last 2011. A poor service experience means different things in real estate stand point, it carealn be an incompetent agent or deadlines that can’t be met, and that can lead to an unsuccessful buying or selling transaction. Buying or selling your home is considered a strenuous task. A buyer for instance, would need to search for a home that would suit his or her budget on a location which he or she prefers. Not only that, finding the best agent that can help in finding the perfect home that would be within his or her preferences. Sellers also will need to wait for offers against thousands of listings or houses that’s being sold within the same price range or maybe lower within an area or location. Some seller would need to wait weeks or months before their houses get closed out on a deal or offer. These are only few of the reality that buyers and sellers experiences today. But definitely we can start some changes that would make selling and buying easy and fun experience.


Ideal Buying Scenario: An Ideal buying scenario is having a centralized or like one website that would catemoneyr to all buyers. I know currently there are different websites where you can do house shopping. But again making it easy and flawless, we need to make it as simple and accessible as possible. Have one website where pre-approved or cash buyers can search for houses for them to purchase. All they need to do is put all the things they need. They can search using different search category like, price, location, house dimensions, or by searching by agent or houses being sold by a specific agent. And the big obstacle or the biggest part of buying is the process itself. But in this websitebuying it’s an all in one website. Once the buyers’ clicks on a property, the website directly notifies the agent and they can communicate with the website and can submit an offer to the seller within the system. When offer is sent out to the seller, seller can also respond thru the system.  All documents needed also are all online so what they need are all e-signatures. An all in one system like this can definitely cut the processing and waiting time dramatically, making the buying experience fast, quick and enjoyable one. 

Ideal Selling Scenario: On a seller’s perspective, having a lot of offers that they can receive for saleand simply checking all the offers on a single system. They can also send out counter offers with this single system for faster response. If you are a seller, that’s what you would like to have, offers that pouring in. But in exchange of that, you need to respond on time to all of these buyers, otherwise they might get upset and not continue with the transaction. So having a system where a seller can do all of his or her transactions swiftly and seamlessly and that would also satisfy all of the people he or she deals with every day, thus providing customer satisfaction.

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Provide advice for first-time home sellers


Home selling is in the rise this season according to an article from so home sellers can benefit from this. For first time sellers there are some thing they need to remember for their property to be marketed right away, so here are some things home seller can take note of.

Be prepared – being prepared not only pertains to the sellers but also for the house itself. Keep your house or home clean and beautiful and be ready to be sold and marketed anytime. Simple repainting job and removing all clutters making the house clean and pleasant. This will provide an impression later on to the buyer the property is worth buying. Let them picture themselves on your property and still have a room for some personal improvement and personal touch.

Do your research – go through MLS and compare prices. Check all comparable in your area. Knowing the comparable lets you decide wisely about pricing and all aspect of selling your house. Also it can provide you an information if sales within same property on the area is on the rise or decline, so you can decide if this is the right time to sell or market your property.

Price – this whole process is all about this. Pricing is a very critical since this will determine if the property is marketable or not. As I mentioned on the research tip, pricing can be decided on different ways like CMA, BPO, and still final decision wills till be from the seller. So having a perfect price is very crucial and don’t forget to provide an allowance for any negotiations during the whole selling process.

Find a sellers agent – A good sellers agents is what you would need to speed up the process. This agent is responsible for assisting you in marketing and listing your property on the MLS or multiple listing services. An agent also will help the seller in the whole transaction process. This agent serves as a representative of the seller.

Get ready for staging – staging is very critical as it provides a first impression of the house to the buyers. This will determine if offers will continue once a buyers has seen the house.

Marketing the house  – marketing is what make the property sod quicker. Postings indifferent MLS sites, Postings in social media and anything that will inform buyers that you have a a property that is for sale. Marketing strategy is what agents helps a seller with. So being diligent and active in marketing will help the seller get that check on the bank. There are different marketing styles and techniques that you can learn to help you close that sale as quickly as possible.

Understand the process – understanding the process lets you know what to expect on the whole selling process. Closing fees, and the like are the most common fees that a seller can expect.

Describe the home-selling process


Have you ever  thought of selling your house, or planning to sell your house? This can be very stressful if you have an idea of what you will go thru. So this blog will provide first time seller a crash course of the selling process.

Find an Agent – as a seller it is always advisable to look for an agent that will assist you in the whole selling process. They can definitely lessen your workload instead of doing everything by yourself.They can help you with marketing, negotiations, and professional advice. They can also walk you thru the whole sales process so you will have an idea of whats going on at a certain time or point in the transaction. So looking for  a good sellers agent is always a must.

Pricing – This will always be based on the current trends and prices of comparable and similar property within your area, if not, the property wont be sold. Ask your agent about this. But still you are the one who will decide on what selling price you would like the property to be at. But always consider the different factors that can affect the pricing. So check on CMA or BPO that you can talk with your agent.

Home prep – Always be ready for a buyer to drop by or to look into your house anytime. So the house should always be clean and clutter free. Some buyers like to do this, so they can see the exact condition and looks of the house before any repainting or any renovations.

Marketing you home – Marketing can be done in different ways. MLS, Social media, Craigslist and many others, just make sure all the information on the property detail is complete and accurate. Don’t forget the listing photos, it can attract readers and/or anybody that will see the ads.

Staging – Make sure all systems go on this stage, make the house look marketable and own-able. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What would you like to see in your new house? That’s should always be the mindset every time at this stage.

Offer process – Buyers sends out offers to sellers at this stage. They can send it in several ways, via email, fax, overnight delivery system, and the most common of all, is Offers Management System (OMS).This stage is right before escrow, so there is no ratified contract on this stage

Inspection – after offer is accepted, Inspections will start. This is a necessary step in the process  so if there are needed repairs, buyers and sellers can still work on it.

Escrow phase –  This stage starts when there is a ratified or signed contract between buyers and sellers. Documents  from both parties are being held by a third-party company at this stage. They are the one in charge of safe keeping of all documents in the whole selling process.

Closing stage – Exchange of keys  phase, buyer is now the new owner of the property.

Describe the home-buying process.


Buying a new home? Buying a property or house can definitely be a joyful and rewarding experience for all. And the home buying process can be easy and at the same time confusing for some. So this article will provide you a short description of the overall home buying process.

Credit status – buying a property would definite start off from this. Knowing your current financial capabilities. These are through credit score or financial status. As a buyer this will inform you that you can only purchase a property based on your paying capability, or simple the price that you can afford based on your credit status and of course your income. This can be obtained through different agencies and companies that can provide you with you credit status report.

Knowing how much your willing to spend – knowing your budget will narrow down the list of houses that you can buy. Knowing what you want and what you need  is the main principle on this. This will also help your agent provide you any recommendations and options that you can choose from.

Look for an Agent and Lender – Looking for an agent will be you next step once you have all figured what you really want and your budget in mind. Agents can be referrals or someone you have worked with before. And if you are purchasing a house via mortgage or loan, you would also need to find a lender where you can file for a loan or mortgage before the offer was sent.

Preparing all requirements – getting all the necessary requirement is critical since the buying process has a certain timeline that needs to be followed based on the offer submitted by the buyer. This will ensure a smooth transaction and completing all documents in a timely manner.

Property search – You need to look for the perfect house for you based on your budget and all your preferences. Your agent will help you in this stage of the buying process. Or if you have a house that you saw, this will be checked by your agent if it meets all the criteria of you buying this house.

Offer process – this is when a buyer sends out an offer to the seller, and seller reviews that offer for any counter offers.

Acceptance of offer – this is when the contract was accepted by the seller right before the ratification of the contract or the start of escrow phase. This is the preparation right before escrow begins.

Escrow phase – This is the stage where all documents in the transaction is kept by a third party company until all has been completed right before closing phase.

Closing stage – this is the exchange of key phase, where buyer is officially the new owner of the property, and after all documents has been signed by both parties.

Remember that buying process can vary depending on the state, and the contract or offer the buyer submitted to the seller. Make sure to check any contingencies or any changes and addendum the contract states, otherwise consult your realtor or attorney for any clarification.

Explain how to choose a real estate agent.


Buying a house or selling a home? Most sellers and buyer would hire a real estate agent for them to get some assistance throughout the whole selling or buying process. But the question is how you would be to choose one. There are different things that people consider in doing this, it depends on their preference, and things they are looking for and by just simply how they feel. So this article will provide you basic tips in choosing a real estate agent.

1. Know what you need – this will narrow down the things that you are looking for. This will also lessen the chances of you getting disappointed or will lessen the expectations that you are looking for in a real estate agent. If you know what you need, you know what help would you need from an agent.

2. Do your part – doing your part is just by simply researching and trying to find helpful means to find a perfect RE agent that can help you. There are a lot of sources where you can get information about RE agent. You can read reviews online and get to see reviews and comments from people they have already worked with from the past, so you compare agents based on these comments.

3. Referrals – this is the easiest way to scout or to find the perfect RE agent for you. Family or friends that a RE agent worked with before. Ask them if the RE agent is worth hiring. These people will definitely give you straight forward answers and will help you decide quicker. Ask the agents work habit and how they handle clients and just simply how the agent communicates.

4. Attend open houses – these are the areas that you will get to meet an agent face to face. Check out some showings and open house schedule in your area. These are normally arranged by an agent so looking for one in these setting will not be difficult.

5. Communicate – this is something that you need to do once you already narrowed down your list if agents. Tell them what you need and ask them what they can offer. Compare their answers and this will definitely help you decide who the perfect fit for the job is.

6. Ask feedback – you can ask other real estate agent and / or clients they worked with before. This is just basically getting facts and information in agents you are choosing from.

7. Checking credential and background check – This is just to simply check an agents qualification and credentialing. These people should be licensed and accredited by realtor groups or board depends on the state that you are in, so this will definitely a big help in checking if your agent is legit or not.

8. Ask them about their game plan – once you have narrowed down your list in about 2-3 agents, ask them of they are planning to help you with. So you would know on what you can expect from them. This is also a way of making sure that both of you are on the same page.

How to find a quality real estate agent


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, having a real estate agent is something that you would need, especially for first timers. There a a lot of ways to look for one, it can be a recommendation from a family member or a friend and simply by just searching online. You will find thousand of real estate agent that would say the same thing in websites in why they are the right agent for you. But how would you know that they are different from the rest? So here are some things that can help you choose the right agent for you whether you’re buying or selling your house.

o Check for educational background – aside from having a license to render service, you might also want to check previous transactions and their educational backgrounds. These information will tell a lot in a real state agent. And of course this prevent hiring someone that is not what they are, compared to what they are declaring in agent’s websites and the likes.

o Check their star ratings – previous clients they worked with is the best resource person to get an idea of how they are a real estate agents. This will determine their work habits and strategies. Whether they are someone who slacks off or a hard worker. So read reviews and comments from forums or websites.

o Check their transactions – an agent who closed a lot of sale is likely better compared to their opposites. It just means that they are doing their job. So look for someone with a reputable number of closed transaction.

o Attend showings and open houses in your area – you will definitely meet a real estate agent in those events. Talk to them, have a feel of how it is working with them in the future. The more agents you talk to, themore idea and more agents you can compare with each other. You can also ask agents for referrals for other

agent they think will be a good help or someone that can help you specifically what you are looking for.

o Ask family members and friends – this is somewhat like reading their online review. But this is coming from a more reliable sources. Ask for agents they worked with from before. A family member will definitely tell you frankly if a real estate agent is worth paying or just a waste of your time.

o Look for someone within your area – make sure your agent is accessible. So shorten your list of agents by removing these agents that’s not accessible. This will be helpful in the future if you are already working with them.

o Take time to talk to all of the agent on your list – talking to them will definitely helpful in deciding on who you will hire. Have a feel of how will it be working with them. Ask them questions and dig deeper on things that’s superficial. This will be the deciding factor in choosing the best real estate agent that you will need.

City Vs. Suburban


Choosing where to live can be a dilemma to all. Some prefer a house within a city; some would prefer a suburb home. This would be dependent on what you need and what you prefer. Last March 2012, from an article in Reuters “In 2010, a total of 80.7 percent of Americans lived in urban areas, up from 79 percent in 2000. Conversely, 19.3 percent of the U.S. population lived in rural areas in 2010,down from 21 percent in 2000. This study shows that more Americans prefer living in city compared to number of people living in suburban areas. So there are advantages and disadvantages in living either in city or suburban area.

 Accessibility – this is the top reason for me why people chooses to live in city, they would be near their work place that can save them money for gas or everyday commute. Also a city house would be near malls, known schools within the area, and important establishments such as hospitals and the likes.

 Resell value – some prefer city living due to the fact that city houses has a higher selling value compared to people living in suburban areas

 Unpredictable surroundings – city house can be unpredictable in different aspect of the surroundings. One of which is the noise that come from cars and people. Since city surroundings can be very busy which means even on night time, there will be noises all over the place.

 High maintenance – external surrounding may require you to have more maintenance since elements can be harsh

 Near the nature – this is the main reason that people get a suburban home. It’s a house that can be within woods, or anything .

 Like having rest house – living on these places I just like a having a vacation

 Far from the city, that me accessibility is the main reason

 Low resell value – supply of demand and supply states that low demand connotes low price, this is the factor why investing on a suburban house is lower over the years.

So here are some things that can be considered in choosing where would be perfect to live in. So just make sure to have an idea in mind, or seeing yourself living in both areas.